Dr. Vartika Nanda A Communication

Special Work on Prisons:

Vartika Nanda is a Prison Reformer and Founder of the Tinka Tinka Project– a unique series on jails to bring change in the lives of the jail inmates. Tinka Tinka is the first initiative of its kind working towards reformation and literary growth of inmates and under trials. It aims to bring art behind the bars to the outer world and change social behavior towards inmates. Dedicated to bring change in the lives of the inmates, encouraging literacy, creative art, literature and skill development in jails and helping towards reformation and rehabilitation of the inmates. Tinka Tinka series aims to bridge all jails across the globe and seeks to imperceptively leverage Human Rights by deploying various modes of communications to improve the life-conditions of the inmates. Started with Tihar, she has created creative products in Dasna, Agra and Madhya Pradesh jails. She has also created the unique site, www. tinkatinkaprisonreforms.org, bridging jails across India and to bring reformation inside jails.

Vartika Nanda is credited to have curated and created the concept of awards for prisoners for the first time in India. Two awards, exclusively for inmates, Tinka Tinka India Awards and Tinka Tinka Bandini Awards have been instituted as part of the effort. These awards are aimed at encouraging prisoners towards creative writing, and work on art and literature on human rights issues.

Tinka Tinka Website: The unique site, www.tinkatinkaprisonreforms.org, is a reflection of changes inside the four walls. This site is for all those who want to bring sunshine, hope and reformation in the lives of the inmates. This site was released by Sh Kiren Rijiju, MOS, Home in May 2016.

Her name has also been included in the Limca Book of Records twice, once in 2015 for her book Tinka Tinka Tihar (for being the first book of its kind emerging out of any prison in India) and again in 2017 for her song Tinka Tinka Tihar, sung by the inmates of Tihar Prisons.

Songs: She has written theme songs for 3 different jails in India.